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Lucerne Fat Free Creamer


Cream without the fat? No, you're not dreaming. Lucerne's fat-free creamer is as smooth and decadent as the original. A healthy option for your diet without neglecting the taste of a rich creamy coffee.

Lucerne 18% Coffee Cream


Your coffee deserves a pick-me-up too. Enhance your cup of Joe with the rich and flavourful taste of Lucerne's smooth 18% coffee cream. Also ideal for cooking, add a creamy and decadent touch to your recipes.

Lucerne Half & Half cream


Half cream, half milk, all delicious. Lucerne's half&half is the perfect combination of our best dairy products. Fresh milk and delightful cream, perfect for your everyday coffee.

Lucerne 33% Whipping Cream


Whip it real good. Or don't. It tastes great either way. Easy to whisk, Lucerne's whipping cream gives a light and fluffy texture to your desserts. Add it to your chocolate cake recipe or whip in your strawberries to give a boost to your cravings !